LAMPTIME, which was born as a result of the services we have rendered and experiences we gained in the electricity and lighting sector since 1976, has become a most wanted brand in the sector in a short span of time, especially in energy saving LED lighting products .By combining LED and electronic technology in design and production,we bring you the cost-effective and also long-lasting, good quality, environmentally friendly , elegant and professional lighting products that meet the demands ofthe end users at the highest level with the LAMPTIME brand . Currently , we perform our production activities with our qualified and vision holder staff in 7500 m² closed area , using the highest level production technologies , by making no concessions to quality and customer satisfaction principle . While we are strengthening our production infrastructure with Robot welding technologies, fully automatic static powder coating plant, SMT electronic card assembly line, automatic product assembly lines, on the one hand, we have once again proved how a vision we have related to the future with the establishment of our R & D department and Lighting Laboratory, on the other hand.

In order to develop and certify our company's quality management system , we have established and documented our ISO 9001 Quality Management System , our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and our ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in relation to the health of our employees and the safety of the work we do . With our vision holder expert staff and institutionalized administrative structure, we focused on success with firm steps by displaying loyalty to our targets. As we stated in our slogan “ Enlighten the Future ” , we try to design , produce and deliver you the lighting products with the low-consumption for the efficient and productive use of energy sources which are depleting every passing day. As LAMPTIME ELEKTRİK, our primary target is to be a company which is a leader in the in the regional markets and efficient in the world markets and which does not only manufacture product, but also produces value and which is conscious of its social responsibilities by providing the unconditional customer satisfaction with the reliability, quality and range of the products and services that we offer by closely following the changes and innovations in the world . We continue to work , produce, invest in our sector and grow with you with the energy we get from you

Because we love LIGHTING a lot..


Our activities in our R&D and DESIGN department , which we established to design our products and to reflect user needs and demands on our products, continue under two main titles : Mechanical Design and Electronic Design . In our mechanical design department , first of all, our products are designed mechanically according to the necessary optics , cooling and durability characteristics in computer environment and the prototypes are produced . And in the electronic design department, all electronic components of our products such as drivers and LED boards are designed and their prototypes can be produced.


We make all metal parts processing used in our products , robotic welding and painting processes in our Metal Processing and Painting Department established within the structure of company by closely following technological innovation and it is increasing its capacity each passing day and continue to strengthen its infrastructure.

All the metal parts are painted automatically by robots in our static powder painting plant which has capacity ofpainting a surface area of approximately 6.000 m2 surface per day which we established for painting in desired color as resistant to external factors and corrosion.

We have established our Plastic Processing Department for the production of plastic parts used in our products.In our Plastic Processing Department,which we established for the production of plastic parts used in our products, many processes such as Plastic Extrusion, Thermoforming, Router cutting can be performed.

SMD and TH (DIP)

In the Electronic Production Department , which we established to produce the most important two components of a lighting fixture which are the Driver and LED cards ; we have got two full automatic SMT assembly lines with a capacity of 150.000 components per hour and one wave soldering machine which we installed to produce drivers.We are able to produce all kinds of Electronic Printed Circuit in our SMT assembly lines with a sensitivity of 0.25 micron , a length from 50mm to 1200mmand awidth up to 600mm.The quality control of the cards can be performed automatically with on-line Optical Inspection Device on the line and also whole the produced cards are subjected to quality control process and tested.


Our production capacity is evaluated most efficiently with Automatic Production Lines designed to perform an operation at each station , and operator-induced errors can be minimized by making the operator specialised. We continue our production activities in the fastest and most accurate way with our production capacity of approximately 10.000 LED luminaires per day.


Every single product manufactured is controlled before coming off the production line and required tests are performed . All products are also aged by applying different voltages at certainperiods and the durability of the product can be determined just before leaving the factory by simulating the situations at where the product is used. The samples taken at random intervals by the quality control unit are subjected to more detailed tests in our laboratory and so the quality is assured.


In our Lighting Laboratory which we established as soon as we started our production activities, we areable to perform all necessary electrical, optical, mechanical and physical tests / measurements related to the lighting fixtures and the components of these fixtures which we are producing. The incoming quality control tests of components , testing of samples taken from production at regular intervals, all tests required before shipment are carried out in the laboratory available with in the structure of our company. Thus, at every stage from the acceptance of raw materials to final controls before shipment, the products we produce can be provided to you with a good quality , trouble - free and complete .The accreditation process of our laboratory with its well-equipped and knowledgeable staff still continues . The certification processes of the products which we produce are also followed by our laboratory staff.


Our Istanbul sales Office we founded in which we exhibit our products throughout the year and which is not only the centre of region , but also the center of Turkey has been carrying on rendering service since 2014.